Friday, 27 January 2012

Plas Tirion

A truly wonderful old house in the Conwy valley from 1626; if we can trust the date above the mantel of the parlour. Tree ring dating will confirm one way or other. I could describe the house but Richard Suggett (Royal Commission on Ancientand Historic Monuments of Wales) does that far better than me. Here he is giving a guided tour.

Tony, father of Ned from the Natural Building Centre and who’s doing the restoration work, has been researching the house history. Here is his explanation of the shield above the upstairs fireplace.

Not far from the house is an old barn that may have been a house, lots of smoke stained timbers, and uniquely is the only building in Wales in which the cruck beams have been formed out of whole as opposed to split tree trunks. Will tree ring dating provide more information? Here’s Richard again sounding like someone from Time Team!

If you'd like to see Ned and Sophie's blog about the ongoing restoration project, click here.

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